What Can I use the System For ?

The solution enables you to locate containers in various areas of the supply chain by tracking their movements. The depth and level of visibility depends on how much of your fleet is tagged, and where readers are placed. However in terms of visibility of fundamental KPI’s such as losses, cycle times, population calculation and future purchase requirements, this can often be obtained with a partially tagged fleet, with readers in strategic locations.

What Problems can it Solve?

The solution provides actionable information to solve many different problems for many different clients. Typically customers come to us with five key asset management questions which can be solved by implementing the solution and using the information. This ultimately results in benefits from reduced container losses, lower maintenance costs, minimised spending on new containers, redeployed resources, enhanced product quality and improvement of supply chain efficiency.

Will I be able to see a containers location at all times?

Containers will be tracked according to where you select to place reading technology within your supply chain. Local scanning at the brewery is usually the minimum standard, meaning that containers are not visible again until they return to a scan point in a brewery. However, even just this initial phase implementation with partial tagging can answer the three burning questions of how large is my asset population, what is my loss rate, and what are the container cycle times. Clients then move on to deeper phases, more containers are tagged and further technology (portable in some cases) is installed to enable more read points. The gold standard is obviously 100%, which would then incorporate POD (Proof of Delivery) at the delivery customer level and reverse.

How do I track beer kegs or containers in a National Network?

Containers moving in national networks can be captured by the use of UHF technology and strategically placed gate readers. This can also be a portable solution, which will allow you to identify problematic areas cost effectively if you do not wish to move to full network tracking.

How much can I save ?

That depends on the size of your problem. We ask all clients to go through a basic evaluation in order for us determine value. An example client with a fleet size of 300,000 that is seeing draught sales growing by small single digit percentages can typically see cost savings worth 2.36 million pounds alone on reduced spend on new containers over a 5 year period.

How many tags will I need - will it be one tag for every single container?

Not necessarily. Partial fleet tagging of 25% and upwards can provide very accurate data that can be turned into valuable business changing information.  Even at levels lower than this, some indicative information can be valuable, as a start point to prove value.

How much does it cost ?

Solutions are capitalised on a per container per year basis, or on a traditional project plus annual maintenance basis. We are also able to fund projects based on a percentage of your actual ROI in some qualified cases.

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