What they say about us

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" In organising the largest and oldest beer festival in the United States, it comes with many challenges when trying to deal with the keeping track of thousands of beers. Visibility provided us with a solution that not only worked great, but made our logistics process so much better and provided us real-time information to keep our team and participants happy "

"Securing, understanding and extending the life of our high value assets is even more critical in these times where capital and operating costs are becoming more and more constrained."


"As our markets change, we need to be pro-active and dynamic with our container fleet, and the flexibility, scalability and personalised supply chain expertise and knowledge sharing that Visibility provide is a critical component of that."

Bradley Latham, Senior Events Manager, Brewers Association 

Paul Hoffman, Heineken Supply Chain Director


“Gap-draught has not only changed my way of thinking about draught stock but has saved me time and money. What a brilliant product! I Regret not getting it sooner.”

Nadine Myburgh, The Cellar

“We have been nothing but impressed with Gap Dra’s passion for what they do. They have assisted us in understanding our draught losses and realising where we can improve and reduce these losses. What we have learned from partnering Gap Draught has been a real eye opener and I for one suggest that if you arent using them then it will be to your own detriment.”

Gareth Spencer, Director – The Baron Group

"We have been in business for many years and our biggest loss on stock was that of Draught. With the Gap Draught system we are able to measure; tap usage, the amount poured each time, and very importantly, the time the taps are being used. These three controls are paramount to ensuring that Draught usage is in line. We have brought our costing of draught down by 1.5% which equates to a huge saving. Thanks so much for all the hard work.”

Pierre van Zyl, Owner - The Hops Ballito